Thursday, January 22, 2009

At MomMom and PopPop's in Pitman

Recently I found some photos from Pitman, NJ. Deb had a birthday party, took care of her dolls, including bathing them and played on the sidewalk. I don't know who the boy her age was but I am the little blonde boy.

The grandfatherly looking gentleman is PopPop Ernie Thomas. He was a good grandfather to us and spent a lot of time with us.

You can click on the photos to see them in larger versions. Notice that the tractor made it either out to Kewaunee, Wisconsin or back from there.

These were black and white photos scanned in. In some cases the scanner software added some green to the grass!

Debbie in Wisconsin

Our dad was in the Air Force and they had us roasting in Mississippi and freezing in Wisconsin. Here's the only photo that I have ever seen with a Wisconsin label on it. On the back of the photo there's some of my mother's handwriting.

517 Dorelle St
Kewaunee, Wisc.

3 1/2 years.