Friday, April 9, 2010

Parents of Helen Finley Estilow

Here's a family portrait made the "Thomas Studios." In the photograph are Beulah Finley, Helen's little sister and her parents, Anna Cordelia Laurence Finley and Chester Alexander Finley. I don't know what year this photo was taken. If you know or have a good guess please let me know.

MomMom and PopPop Estilow

There's Sam on an International Harvester lawn tractor. The sides were up so he may have been adjusting it or something when he was asked to sit down for the photograph. I don't know what year this was taken.
The colors have faded a bit in this photo printed the week of November 23rd, 1953 as is says on the back. Helen has Bobby, born April 8th, 1953 on her lap and Debbie, born October 9th, 1951 is putting a flower in her hair. Of course there is a dog running through the photo. MomMom always had a dog around. I don't know where this was taken or whose dog it is.

Mom and a Convertible

This is a photo of Pearl Estilow, soon to become Pearl Estilow Thomas. Written with a pencil on the back is "1949." Other than that I don't know much about the photo.