Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Almost a Picnic - Home made fun

The group on the lawn - we know who they are - but where and why?
The lower photo is on N. Monroe Ave. with a home made cart made from salvaged wagon wheels and wood scraps. Roger is riding the cart. It might be Robbie Cook pushing it.

Deb's daughter Becki with Deb's Niece Tina

I don't know why Becki has her nose wrinkled.
This was taken in Mom and Dad's livingroom.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On a summer day - the four Thomas children

I am not sure where these photos were taken. It must have been about 1963. Dee looks about 3 years old. Is that Baum's house in the background? Perhaps it is the Jersey shore?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Photos of Deb's Mom

I first saw this photo in 2011 when I took the photo below out of the frame.

This photo is marked 10/30/4 - which might mean 1954.

Some Photos of Deb's Dad

1st Lt Robert R Thomas USAF

Roger As One of Santa's Helpers

Roger was always a jolly Santa's helper.

Around the Dining Room Table

A popular place to park was at Mom and Dad's table.

Debbie as a bridesmaid at Roger's Wedding

December 31, 1983. The wedding of Roger Thomas and Cindy Renner.

From left to right
Aaron Valentine, Bob Thomas, Carol Valentine (now Thomas), Jeff Bozarth, Debbie (nee Thomas) Bozarth, Becki Bozarth, Cindy (nee Renner) Thomas, Roger Thomas, Pearl (nee Estilow) Thomas, Robert Thomas, Dee Thomas (now Newman), Steve Newman

It looks like the photo is dusty but it is an effect of the type of paper used to print the photo.