Sunday, November 4, 2012

1954 January - some snow in Pitman, NJ

A little bit of snow and time to get out the sled.  Mommom Olive and Poppop Ernie Thomas pose with Debbie and Bobby.  Pearl Thomas, mother of the children is also in some of these photos from January, 1954.  At the bottom of the photos you can see the covers of the album that still holds them with Pearl Thomas's notation of the location and date of the photos.

Early 1950's photos of a trip to DC

Found some old photos of a trip to DC that Deb's mother Pearl Estilow Thomas took with Deb's paternal grandparents, Ernest and Olive Thomas. I don't exactly what year these were taken. It could have been in 1950 when Deb's father was in a US Air Force boot camp up at Sampson Air Force Base, near Geneva, New York.