Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Mother

I thought about my Mother just tonight. I was asked to help teach a family member how to plant flowers. She usually had Mom do it, but I stepped up. I usually would be very shy and not confident to help, but tonight I received strength from her above. I did not even think about it I just did it.

That is how my Mom lived her life. She was always helping others. She took such good care of my father, my children, my husband and myself. She was able to do things for others so easily without even thinking. She was always positive.

My mom helped fund me through college, even when we barely had two nickels to scrape together. Mom found a way. She encouraged me to get my first job and a new apartment. When I had my wedding she was there to help with all the plans and was there for the birth of my children.

The last year was so special to me and I never realized it would be the final year. We spent time doing such simple stuff, however so valuable. We enjoyed our weekly trips to the market. We would each take a child with us. I usually had Payton and Mom had P.J. We would then sometimes get a quick snack and go home with all of our groceries.

Mom thank you for everything. I will always love you.

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