Tuesday, September 4, 2007

102 North Monroe before Alterations

Sorry for the fuzzy image and yellow tint. It was taken hand held with available light. When I first saw it I thought that it was Mom Mom Estilow's house in Bridgeton, but now I see that it is Roger counting what might be newspaper money with Dee looking on.

If you don't recognize the wall behind Roger it is because it is long gone, replaced by a counter. The gas stove behind Dee was replaced by an electric stove on the west outside wall and a counter put up along that whole wall. The sink was also updated. The stairs behind Dee's shoulder were closed off and left accessible only from the living room. Dee tells me that she used to perch on those steps and watch Mom cook. Sometimes Dad would bring home a whole crate of kale and Mom would scald it and freeze it to eat during the winter.

Most alterations to the house were made in 1968. Two carpenters, Weller and Yost, did the work. They installed the bathroom and shower downstairs where previously there had only been a breakfast nook. The redid the upstairs bathroom. Next they finished the attic. They were good workers and did a good job with the complex angle cuts on the trim in the attic.

A portable dishwasher was usually stationed where the steps had been. This was taken in late 1964 or early 1965. I have the pewter candlestick in the foreground. - Bob


Anonymous said...

Hey there Thomas family! We now live in your house on Monroe, and LOVE it! It's so interesting to see pictures from the past, please post more if you come across any.


Bob Thomas said...

Hi Betsy,

Send me a an email to

bicycle (dot) bob (at) gmail (dot) com

As it is I didn't get your email because you posted your comment anonymously.

I will send you some older photos - in the days before the siding was put on, etc. It may be a few days before I scan the photos in though.

I hope that you enjoy the house. We were in it from August, 1959 until June, 2004. North Monroe is a great neighborhood.

Did Cindy tell you that her grandparents built the house next door? I doubt you can find another family in Wenonah in a house built by earlier generations of their family.